My name is Bernhard Lang and I’m studying Neural Information Processing at Tübingen University right now. In my free time I mostly train athletics, my discipline are decathlon and triple jump.

Right now I really enjoy programming in haskell. The powerful abstractions of functional programming along with the strong type system allows to write beautiful functioning code in a relative short amount of time, if one gets used to thinking functional. Still one of my favourite programming languages is Python. Mainly because it’s ease of use, some powerful abstractions like list comprehensions, the huge amount of good libraries, which are easily bound in and it’s abilities as scripting language. If I need more performance and haskell is out of dabate, my language of choice is C++, especially since C++11 came out, C++ also got alot of useful abstractions, like the ones you find in Python or even in functional programming languages, which makes programming in C++ much more enjoyable. Also, it has a great standard library.

I’m more of a programmer than an artist, but I always had some interest in different branches of Digital Art, be it 3D modeling and rendering, chiptune music or plain digital drawings/pixel art. Creativity, although still not very well defined, is the accomplishement of the human mind which is probably the most difficult to be implemented in artificial intelligence. Computational Creativity is not only an important problem to advance the development of Strong AI, but may also help us to understand more deeply how our own mind works.